Hi I am Neha Nair from Bangalore, India. My website is a bit different than most as I show you everything about my life, honestly and without the hype. If you are looking for sexy posing and ridiculous fake moaning, you won't find it here. You also won't find any "Porn Stars" here. This is all about real life sex with my hubby having real fun without the false fantasy that most other similar sites fool you with. What you will see on these pages is real, and I do love to share and interact with all of you.

To date, Neha has over 1400 exclsuive pictures available, with new sets getting added weekly!

With over three year's worth of videos, Neha has hundreds of different videos for you to peruse!

Over the last few years Neha has pretty much done it all so if you are looking for a particular something, you will probably find it. Don't believe it? Check Now!

I am Neha Nair, born in Bangalore, India to parents who migrated from Pakistan after partition. Despite being raised Hindu my parents enrolled me in a Catholic school, where I had my first ever kiss at 14...

I'm so bored. I wish I had someone to keep me company... hey, I know, maybe if I do a little striptease in front of my hubby, i'm sure he wants to come and hang out with... .

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