Hello my name is Neha nair, I born in Bengalore, Karnataka, India, to parents who emigrated from Pakistan after partition. Despite being raised Hindu my parents enrolled me in a Catholic school, where I had her first kiss at 14. I finish my high school in 2004 and proceeded to enroll in university to study medicine..

Hello my name is Neha Nair, I born in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, to parents who emigrated from Pakistan after partition. Despite being raised Hindu my parents enrolled me in a Catholic school, where I had her first kiss at 14. I finish my high school in 2004 and proceeded to enroll in university to study medicine. I did well in school and was contemplating a career in Medicine when my father grew ill with Alzheimer's. I stayed home from college to help take care of him. That was hard on me and I suffered from Anorexia from the age of 19 to 22.

My father passed during that time I then began a career in sales since I didn't need a degree and I could make a lot of money. I worked hard and wanted to have my own business. I had made a few attempts but had never reached the success that I was looking for. My mother then became ill and I became her caretaker. It was a long road of open-heart surgery, respiratory problems, and then finally, kidney failure. I never stopped looking for ways to make her better but her body was falling apart faster then I could put it back together. I finally meet a guy ( don't want to disclose name ) who proposed me after few meeting and we got married. Oh! I forgot to tell you I got married in 2007 and my hubby is actually a software engineer in Bangalore. My hubby clicking his camera from the first day we get married and now we finally decide to show our naughty stuff to whole world.

We spend over 15 days of our honeymoon in Goa where I have experience my first sex after getting married. I think I didn't mention above I was a virgin before getting married. I was too scared when I saw bleeding after having my first sex on bed and my hubby penis. My hubby was also worried seeing too much blood, he immediately called his family doctor who advice him what to do... but later on we find out it was just a normal with girl who got little fat on their bodies :) It was really a mess on my first sex... I really didn't enjoy it but I was excited that I am a complete women now. Now after 3 years of my marriage I am quite happy with my hubby enjoying sex almost every alternate days. I love to suck my hubby cock and he love to finger my pussy to make me wet quickly as possible :) I just love missionary position and my hubby wants to bang me like a bitch.

We are currently planning to have a baby. I like girls a lot but my hubby got pure Asian mentality he need a baby boy. So let's see what type of sperm he's going to injection inside my womb X or Y. Time will tell but don't worry I will keep you inform! Neha xoxo  

Q: Are your breasts real?

Answer: Yes, I am an all-natural 34D. My breasts didn't start growing until I was 16. I guess you could call me a late bloomer. They began to grow and didn't stop for over 2 years. I have really grown to appreciate my breasts (no pun intended) and I have gotten used to wearing a bra most of the time, even to bed. Hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. I need to do anything to help fight gravity and trust me; it's a losing battle.

Q: Do you really run your own website?

Answer: I have final say on the over-all look of the site and all the content inside is all my hubby idea but luckily for me I partnered up with my husband and he handles everything in the technical arena. He does most of the work and has a great programming and design team to assist him. I oversee all the administrative duties as well as customer service.

Q: Are you are real Indian housewife?

Answer: Yes, I am a real Indian housewife from Bangalore, India as mentioned above. I need to ask a very simple question, When couple know each other well, love each other, got faith and trust on each then why they not allowed to show other people how much they love each other and what they doing inside their bedroom? Indian media say we are very civilised and broadminded people. At least show some thing that we are broad minded and western culture followers.

Q: Do you have any hobbies?

Answer: This web site is my #1 hobby. I love putting on various outfits and posing for the camera. I really do get into it. I love taking on different looks and personalities. I also greatly enjoy writing for the site. I write quite a bit for my site and for other websites and publications.

Q: As Indian housewife how do you stay in shape?

Answer: In my early twenties all I had to do was to drink beer and used to treadmill in order to keep my figure but now that I'm in my late twenty's, things have changed a bit. I still eat what I want but now I incorporate Pilates and riding my exercise bike. I used to go to the gym but found that my busy schedule kept me at home on the computer too much. Now I work out at home and I love it.

Q: Where do you live?

Answer: I am currently living in CG Road in Ahmedabad, India but me and my hubby actually from Mahatma Gandhi Road in Bangalore. This is where I was born and grew up. I moved around a lot when I was in my 20's but I have found this area to be the best place for me. I still miss Bangalore too much but we are living in Ahmedabad due to my hubby's job.