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Over the last few years Neha has pretty much done it all so if you are looking for a particular something, you will probably find it... Don't believe it? Look through all!

Neha Nair in bedroom trying to play off with hubby

Okay so i tried to play it off with my hubby like i am in a full mood to have sex.. haha didnt work so well? i don't know what do you think? hehe i think my style of acting wasnt so great! Oh well atleast you got a good tease out of it ;) right! well i had fun later though.. I was really horny that day! i duno what was up with me :) hope ya like

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Hubby watching porn and wants Neha to be a pornstar

Here I had alot of fun a real fun with my hubby. I had one of my friends over and I had left the room real quick and when I came back my hubby was watching a porno! LOL! So I had the idea of making it more interesting by messing with him and teasing him! Which I did but it ended up not being much of a tease but us doing it! =) I loved it and I loved it when he pulled my hair and was fucking me from behind. Then at the end he started to cum all over my chest! Hehe

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Neha's indian pussy filled with her hubby hot jizz!

Today i was laying around watching some t.v. and here comes someone hehe. so of course i have to strip down and tease alittle.So i get that big cock in my mouth and lets jus say it wasnt like how i ususally give head. He was alittle rough and being mean but i liked it!alot!! lol so then he took my hair and grabbed me and jus jammed it in the back of my mouth and yeah i felt that!lol u will be able to tell in this video:) have fun! i know i did and it ends with a nice facial!!

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Exclusive video of Neha's thirst Indian pussy

My hubby was taking some pictures and realized that the video camera was on as well! haha I thought it would be pretty cool for you guys to see the behind the scenes footage anyways since you havent seen any of that in a while,lol and plus you get to see how it really is, which is always a good time! haha if only you were hanging out with me while i was taking allmy clothes off, then the fun would begin.

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Neha Nair Acting As a pornstar teasing her hubby

Sometimes i like to role play so since a friend just gave me a camisole I decided to be a stripper for my hubby! But theres one catch i only give out sex wishes, so my hubby started wishing and i was pleased to grant them. This is my first video scene with my hubby before he start clicking picture 4 years back.

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